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SCWIPs – Scatily Clad Women In Peril.  The stuff pulp magazine covers are made of.

For a whole variety of different reasons, the following cover from the very first issue (and only one of two issues ever published) of TOPS IN SCIENCE FICTION, a pretty low-class reprint pulp.

Tops in Science Fiction Spring 1953

Tops in Science Fiction Spring 1953

Why is THIS the number one SCWIP of all time?  Because it has got ALL the necessary elements.

Despite the fact that it’s not very good art – even by pulp magazine standards – this image says it all.

First. there’s a real B.E.M. right there – tentacles and all.

That Bug Eyed Monster has been caught in the unnatural act of ravaging a female human being – not only unnatural, but unholy – unbiblical even!

There’s a hero on there desperately trying to save that woman from a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH (need I mention that this picture was probably the origin for tentacle hentai?) using some kind of truly scientifictional ray rifle and

That woman is wearing the absolutely mandatory brass brassiere!  We know she’s a blonde because she’s not wearing a space helmet. Just a brass brassiere and a long, slinky skirt that’s starting to reveal just a leeetle too much thigh, thighs that are nicely shown off by her fetching brass-buttoned calf-length boots.

And just barely visible in the foreground is the spaceship that femme fatale is being plucked from like a pimento being sucked from an olive.

Folks, it just doesn’t get any more SCWIPy than that!


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