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Today there will probably be a large number of posts as there are a large number of things going on.

First up – the cornucopia of top ten lists.  SFSignal and Rick Novy both raised awareness on these.  They’re offered by Gwyneth Jones (by women writers), Rob Grant (comic SF), Dick Jude (broad top 10) and Michael Moorcock (also broad top 10).

I’ve read 50% of Jones’ list, 70% of Grant’s, 0% of Jude’s and 70% of Moorcock’s.

My hits and misses clearly illustrate the generational divide of my SF reading selections. 

I also find it interesting that maybe two of the works listed would make it onto my own top ten list.  Of them all, I’m closest to Grant and Moorcock in my likes and would put Grant’s at the top of my Top 4 List of Top Ten SF Picks, were it not for his completely ignoring Eric Frank Russell.  The win therefore goes to Grandmaster Mike.


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