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Traffic is creeping back up to pre-fubar levels (yay!) and several smaller targeted advertising companies have expressed ‘decent’ interest in having the blog participate in their ad programs.

Despite the slow down, I’m still on track this month for doubling monthly traffic two months in a row. I’m not at 10,000 unique visits per day, but things aren’t shabby either.  The google page rank is holding steady at 5 which, if you go by that measure, puts the blog at least one point over most others out there (not counting the monsters that are 7 and up in that).

I’m on the last stage of updating the pulp magazine image pages.  Check this out:

There are 378 individual titles listed in the checklist, ofwhich I have 349 images.  In putting this section together, I’ve assembled:

349 small images on a single page (the checklist page)

349 large images on 7 gallery pages

140 ‘history‘ pages that contain anywhere from 1 to 20+ small images each (of related magazine titles)

links amongst all of the various presentations.


You can spend quite a bit of time in there checking out the different mags and their history.

The paintball website is now solid, back up and humming.  Finally.


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Headline pretty much says it all. 

We’ll start with Obama.  Afterall, he was pretty easy to pick a cover for. Yes, I know the painting was done as a white guy.  Not my fault. I’ve yet to find a Hawaiin depicted on the cover of a pulp magazine so this one will just have to do –

If I had wanted to go with a ‘black’ theme, I could have used this one –

But it really doesn’t convey the sense of strength, courage, fortitude, intelligence and leadership that I was looking for.

Biden was pretty easy –

Almost kind of even looks like him.

And now the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for – the Palin covers.  (Who?  McCain? Oh yeah, the Republican Presidential candidate.  He’s still around?  Huh.)

In choosing these particular covers, I paid as much attention to the imagery (it needed to be a brunette on the cover and they’re just not as common as blondes.  Speaking of which: do we change the blonde jokes to feature brunettes instead or convince Sarah that she really IS a blonde and should get a dye job?) as I did to the names of the stories listed on the covers.  You ought to also.

This is how the Republican party would have us see her – democratic meat dripping from her claws.

Reality is so harsh sometimes, isn’t it?

…get elected. Ha ha ha.

I don’t think Isaac would have wanted to grope this particular femme fan. 

The Imposter.  LOL. LOL.

Empire of Evil. Yep. That’s what we’ll be getting…

An Empire of Evil that will leave a Legacy of Terror.  Fortunately for all of us, Obama has transformed himself into a giant black ant.

“I was once a beauty queen, you know. And I’m sooo smart – I went to six different colleges.  Hey, is that Putin invading my airspace over there?  Oh, no, it’s just dinosaurs strolling across the bridge to nowhere with human beings. You’d think they’d cover that in one of the many newspapers I read every day. But they write about dumb stuff like Supreme Court decisions no one can remember the names of. Stupid Supremes, they should never have broken up. Hey, wanna go wolf shooting from my helicopter while we patrol the border?”

Ok, here’s one for McCain –

Kelly, why do all of the socks look like an old man’s ball sack?

The Conservative.  Yeah.

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The article you are looking for can be found HERE on the new version of my blog

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I’ve finished chapter 7 and have tweaked the online presentation of the story just a tad.  Navigation should now be straight-forward and intuitive.

Here’s the opening panel for Chapter 7 –

 “Oh! Whatever shall I do?” cried the Princess.
“You boys have defeated every last one of my terrors. Boo hoo. Boo hoo.”
For some unknown reason, the brothers didn’t take the girl’s distress seriously.

You can see the entire thing here.

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Chapters 5 and 6 of PULP COMIC STORY have been posted on my website.  I’m now into the meat of it – lots of action and suspense at the moment.

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to be continued…

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