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Not much going on today except for having to take both the cat and the dog to the vets for annuals.  The dog loves going, the cat has to be fooled into the carrying case.  (Put them in backwards without letting them see it – works every time.)

I see that the courts have decided in favor of Andre Norton’s caregiver and against her lifelong fan in regards to control of the literary estate.  Not knowing either party, I’m incapable of rendering judgement on who would do the best job in maintaining Andre’s legacy.  It is nice to know that her works will once again be available for reprint.  What with all the concentration on YA lit these days, Norton’s novels are a gold mine waiting to be plumbed.  There’s the possibility of an appeal which could still delay things so we’re still in wait mode, but at least this thing is coming to a resolution.

I exchanged a couple of emails with Jason Stoddard regarding his “New Marketing for SF” pieces on his blog.  It’s nice to see someone who not only makes recomendations but follows his own advice as well.  INterestingly enough, Jason has Louis Edelman listed as a friend on his Myspace page, and I just exchanged a coupld of emails with Louis last week concerning my upcoming reviews of InfoQuake and Multireal.  (Finished Infoquake, about one third of the way through Multireal – see below for more).

I’m impressed with the accessability displayed by these ‘new’ authors; I’ve yet to not receive a timely response from anyone I’ve had occassion to email – Doctorow, Wolf, Scalzi, Edelman, Frank, Stoddard… 

I do agonize quite a bit over writing to them;  writing is their business and I’m asking them for ‘free’ time in doing so.  I don’t want to come across as annoying, and I try to remember that just because they seemed to appreciate the prior email doesn’t mean that I can start sending them recipes or pictures of my pets.  I don’t want to get classified into the ‘stay away’ column.

But my biggest fear is that some ham-handed attempt at getting an idea across is going to be misunderstood.  Email, blog commentary, etc., lacks the all important inflection conveyed by expression and tone.  There are a million ways to ‘say’ ‘your story sucks’ – from sarcastic to serious, but only one way to type it. Even if you followed it with an lol or a happy face, chances are your intention will be misconstrued.

It’s not all that different from being a fan attending a con, approaching that favorite author with some trepidation – that is until you get to know them (and they you) – but even when you’re on a face-recognition basis, it still doesn’t mean you can monopolize their time.  They’re at the con for everyone, not just you. 


I’ll not provide spoilers for my review of Infoquake that will be appaearing in an upcoming issue of Ray Gun Revival other than to say that I’m now on Multireal.  You might think that statement would give you a hint, but it doesn’t really.  Once the review is out, I’ll offer additional commentary here.


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