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Gary Farber is once again bouncing his forehead off of a brick wall.

Gary does this because doing something is better than doing nothing. Which is what happens when we become victims of learned helplessness.

Gary writes “And some day, later, rather than sooner, historians will write of the war crimes, and will ask: why did Americans stand by? Why, like ordinary Germans in the Nazi era, did they look away? Why did they not see what was in front of their faces, what was widely reported in magazines and books and blogs, about terrible crimes committed in their names?”

Why?  Even my dog Bo knows.  Because most people prefer to go through life like this –

When what they should all really be doing is shouting their protest to the world like this –

The dog knows.  Now if we can get the people to wake up…


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Gary Farber has a way of cutting right to the heart of a matter. 

Commenting on the Congressional hearings that have subpoenaed Bush Administration cronies (watch that boring government TV stuff for an education in obfuscatory-question-answering-technique) Gary allows us to come to the conclusion that President Bush can legally allow the testicles of terrorist suspects’ children to be crushed in a somewhat coercive effort to get them to answer questions in a non-obfuscatory manner.

Based on Gary’s transcript of David Addington’s testimony, it is obvious that if the sub-committee were to ask if the President could order children’s testicles to be crushed or if, indeed child testicle crushing had already been ordered, Addington would probably respond by stating that Congress’ understanding of testicle crushing was not what the Administration understood it to be and that once Congress had figured out what it was, they were welcome to call him to discuss it. Provided he happened to be in his office that day.

I completely share Gary’s outrage over this entire episode in our country’s history.  I’m still flabbergasted that back in 2002 our elected officials were even discussing it, let alone implementing it. These things were done to OUR guys, but now its ok. Obviously the common man on the street doesn’t understand the difference between torture done to our guys, which is BAD, and the torture we inflict on someone else’s guys (GOOD) – otherwise administration officials would be happy to discuss it openly.

Thanks for sparing us the confusion.


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